Root Canals in Bakersfield

Why Have a Root Canal

Before dental care was as advanced as it is today, a diseased nerve in your tooth would likely mean your tooth would be lost. Luckily for us, having a diseased nerve today can be treated with a root canal, and your tooth can stay put. Having a root canal to treat your tooth’s nerve is pretty straightforward. We’ll have you come in to the office, and we can protect your tooth in three office visits or fewer.

Your tooth’s nerve tells you whether the food or drink in your mouth is cold or hot. Once the tooth has erupted, the nerve is no longer essential to your oral health. If the nerve is removed, the nerve’s purpose is not compromised.

Bacteria look for ways to enter your teeth, whether through a cavity or through a cracked tooth. Once bacteria are present in the tooth, it can develop into an infection. This infection can further develop into an abscess, which can cause pain and swelling in the mouth. This tissue suffering from an infection will need to be removed, as its presence can be damaging to your jawbone as well as your general health. If the right action isn’t taken, your dentist may need to extract the tooth.


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How Do I Know I Need A Root Canal?

Patients in need of a root canal do not necessarily feel pain in the infected tooth. If you’re experiencing pain while chewing, persistent sensitivity to temperature, extreme toothaches, gum swelling, or if your tooth is tinted a darker color, you should call your dentist. These signals could mean you require a root canal to save your tooth and ensure your oral health.

What Can I Expect In My Root Canal?

You can expect to visit our office one to three times to successfully execute a root canal. First, either an endodontist – a dentist concentrating on nerves – or your dentist will extract the infected tissue. Second, your dentist will clean the inside of your tooth, finishing it off with a protective seal. Lastly, your doctor will use a dental composite to completely fill your tooth. For patients with severe decay, a crown can help fortify the tooth while inhibiting further damage. With a consistent oral care plan – flossing, brushing, and recurring visits to your dentist – the tooth we repaired should last forever.

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