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Welcoming New Teeth
You’ll probably spot your child’s first baby tooth between 6 months and a year. From there, these primary teeth will dot his mouth until he’s around three. Many children have sore gums during this transition period where so many teeth are erupting. To ease your child’s pain, rub the gums with a wet washcloth or your clean finger. Teething rings can also help get you and your child through teething. When all the primary teeth have erupted, you’ll count 20 in his tiny mouth!

These primary teeth loosen and fall out as your baby matures. From age 6 to age 21, your child will lose his baby teeth and erupt permanent teeth. A completely mature mouth will yield 28 teeth plus 4 wisdom teeth.

Display Strong Oral Hygiene Habits
Inspect your child’s teeth once every two weeks. Be on the look out for lines and color change in teeth, which can be signs of tooth decay. New teeth are susceptible to sugar, so be sure your child brushes properly after eating or feeding. We want you to pass strong oral hygiene habits on to your children, and we suggest four brushings a day. Give your child a strong foundation of oral health by encouraging four brushings: once after each meal and once before bed.

Make tooth-brushing a happy time for your child. Once you see a tooth in that little mouth, it’s time to start brushing it. Mom and Dad should choose a toothbrush with soft bristles, and a tiny amount of toothpaste – about the size of a pea – should be used. If your child is two years old or younger, avoid toothpaste with fluoride. Talk with your child about the right way to brush your teeth.

Don’t forget flossing! Keeping your child’s gums healthy is easy with daily flossing. Talk with your doctor about when you should start a flossing regime for your child’s teeth. If you believe your child’s teeth are decaying, call your dental professional right away.

Regular Checkups Thwart Tooth Decay
When sugars build up in the mouth, they convert into acid. This acid is harmful to your teeth. Since many kids don’t exhibit proper oral hygiene, tooth decay can run rampant in the young. Instilling good oral care in your kids and maintaining routine visits to your dentist will prevent them from experiencing tooth decay.

For maximum oral health for your child, you should schedule an appointment with us twice a year.  Combined with cleanings, our hygienists will administer fluoride treatments, strengthening your child’s smile. We also suggest sealants for children, as they smooth out the rocky grooves of the teeth, facilitating brushing and inhibiting tooth decay.

Pediatric Dentistry in Bakersfield

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Relaxing Dentistry For Your Child

We want your child to have a pleasant first visit to our practice.  While there’s nothing to be afraid of at the dentist’s office, kids can fear things they haven’t already experienced. We take care to explain each and every treatment to your child in plain language, and we truly want your child (and you!) to feel comfortable throughout the visit. Educating your child on dental health and what to expect can help tremendously.  As suggested by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, you should make an appointment for your children by the time they turn one. Children cut teeth between 6 months and a year old, and you should demonstrate good oral care immediately.

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