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Dental Bonding For Tooth Restoration

Among the many different procedures our dentists in Bakersfield here at Apollonia Dental would use to repair and improve your smile, one very effective treatment is dental or tooth bonding.  Dental bonding is a fairly easy and simple procedure used for minor cosmetic and restorative dental repairs such as a chipped, discolored, or gaps in your teeth. The procedure involves bonding tooth-colored resin to your tooth, which will quickly and cost-effectively fix it.

What Dental Issues is Bonding Used For?

Dental bonding can be used in a number of dental restoration applications including repairing tooth decay and chips or cracks in your teeth. In addition to fixing those dental problems, it can also be used to improving the look of discolored teeth, reshaping your teeth, filling the gaps between your teeth, and protecting tooth roots if your gums have receded.


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What Does the Dental Bonding Procedure Involve?

Very little preparation is needed for dental bonding and anesthesia is generally not used unless the bonding procedure is used to repair a decayed tooth. The surface of the tooth will be prepared and roughened slightly then a conditioning liquid is placed on the tooth.  We will then determine the right shade of composite tooth-colored resin to best match the rest of your teeth.

The tooth-colored resin is applied and shaped to fit your tooth, then an ultraviolet light is used to cure and harden the bonding material. If needed, we will then do some additional shaping so that the bonded tooth matches the surface of the surrounding teeth. The procedure takes about a half hour to an hour per tooth and can be completed in a single visit.

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