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Bakersfield Wisdom Teeth Remove

wisdom teeth extractionA majority of young adults have their wisdom teeth removed, and the talk of ice cream and painkillers surrounds mention of the wisdom teeth. Normally showing themselves when we’re between the ages of 17 and 25, these molars erupt in the back of our mouths. If patients don’t have space in the jaw, wisdom teeth can be impacted, meaning that they can’t break through the gums. The angle of the tooth can also cause it to be impacted. We see mesial impacts frequently – where a tooth faces forward at an angle instead of straight up.
An obstructed wisdom tooth may require removal, otherwise you could experience swelling, extreme pain, or tenderness of the gum. Impacted teeth can be hard to reach, and inadequate cleaning could lead to infection, tooth decay, and in the worst cases, gum disease.
Our doctors take the time to review each patient’s case, determining an individual course of action specific to your needs. If you need your wisdom teeth taken out, it’s easier to remove them immediately. If you wait, the bone around your wisdom teeth could be denser and your roots may be fully developed, causing removal to be more difficult. Most patients that need their wisdom teeth removed do so in their early twenties or their late teens.
To access your wisdom tooth, your doctor uses a local anesthetic to deaden the desired region. If you’re apprehensive about the process, your doctor can give you stronger sedation. Oftentimes the wisdom teeth are beneath the gums, enclosed within the jawbone. To more easily remove the tooth, your doctor will have to take out part of the bone that conceals the wisdom tooth. Your doctor will work to extract as little of the bone as possible. To do this, your wisdom tooth will be divided, and then these pieces will be extracted one by one through the bone’s opening.
Now that your wisdom teeth are safely removed, it’s time to heal. Different people experience different healing times, and the complexity of each extraction determines each patient’s healing time. Because your doctor will walk you through the process, you’ll have a clear understanding of the recovery time, and you’ll know how to heal properly.

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