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Teeth Whitening in Bakersfield CA

teeth whiteningA vividly white smile can take your appearance to the next level. There are innumerable products on the shelf to help brighten your smile, and we offer several treatments to whiten your teeth.
For a healthy, white smile, we suggest that you floss everyday, and brush twice daily with fluorinated toothpaste. Many of our patients enjoy the brightness of their pearly whites with proper at-home dental care and routine cleanings by our dental hygienists. If you’re looking for an even whiter smile, explore your choices of treatment below.
Choosing the Right Treatment
Talk with your dentist to discover which whitening treatment would be ideal for your teeth. Not every smile can be whitened. Teeth with a yellow tint normally benefit from bleaching. Teeth with a brown tint don’t bleach as nicely as yellowed teeth. Teeth with a gray tint don’t respond well to bleaching. If you’ve received a crown or a filling to match the color of your teeth, then whitening will not change the color of these enhancements; while your natural teeth will be whitened, your crowns or fillings will remain their original colors. For these patients, the best whitening solution may be porcelain veneers.
When you’re searching for teeth whiteners, select a product that bears the ADA seal. This ensures customers that the American Dental Association has reviewed the product and concluded that it works efficiently and adheres to safety regulations.
Professional Whitening
To see whiter, brighter teeth instantly, your dentist can offer you professional whitening in the office. Our in office bleaching lasts less than an hour. In some cases, patients must return for another visit to see optimum results.
For the chair-side bleaching, we’ll need to keep your gums safe; your doctor will either coat a special gel on the gums, or he will cover your gums with a rubber guard. Next, your doctor will coat your teeth with a the Opalscence gel, and a visible blue light will heighten the whitening potential.
Whitening at Home
Some patients prefer the convenience of whitening at home. These at-home whiteners include strips, whitening trays, and paint-on whitening.
Whitening Trays
Teeth whitening trays work when the peroxide in the trays interacts with the enamel in your teeth. The bleaching agent here is carbamide peroxide. These whiteners are normally in gel-form, and customers put the gel into a mouth guard for application. Different products contain varying concentrations of the bleaching agent – either 10%, 16%, or up to 22%. The amount of time you use the product also varies. At-home bleaching kits from your doctor will contain a mouth guard that’s made for you. This fit will provide maximum results, as the whitening gel will fit perfectly to your teeth. For now, the only peroxide-containing trays that the ADA recommends are ones from your dentist’s office. These are designed for at-home use, and they contain 10% carbamide peroxide concentration.
Teeth Whitening Strips
Teeth whitening strips are popular with many people. These bendable plastic strips contain hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent. For this product, two different strips are together in one package, and your upper and lower teeth have separate strips. The peroxide is only on one side of the strips, and you secure the bleach-containing side to your teeth. Press down on the strip to make sure each tooth is touching the bleaching agent. Strips are normally used two times a day for half an hour at a time.
Paint-On Whitening
This handy teeth whitener lets you put the bleaching agent right on your teeth. With this product, there’s no need for a strip. Make sure your teeth are dry and clean before applying the whitening paint. In half an hour or so, the paint will dry, becoming a film. When you’re done, just brush your teeth normally, taking the film off your teeth. Apply two times a day for maximum whitening results. Many users enjoy this product because of the control it provides; you can paint a specific tooth as opposed to whitening your entire mouth.
Talk with your dentist about teeth whitening, as it can be associated with some minimal side effects. Some people experience sensitivity during a whitening regimen, which is normally temporary. If your sensitivity persists after you’ve stopped whitening, you should contact your doctor. Others who apply whitening trays can experience gum irritation, often from an ill-fitting tray rubbing your mouth the wrong way. For any questions or concerns about whitening, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor.
Whitening Toothpaste
Regular brushing with any toothpaste will help whiten your teeth, as the brushing cleans the surface of your teeth and eradicates superficial stains. While ADA accepted whitening toothpastes contain ingredients to help reduce stains on your teeth, they will not change your teeth’s essential color like bleaches will.

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