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Dental Implants in Bakersfield CA

dental implants bakersfieldimplants processMissing teeth can weaken your bite, resulting in pain and distress. Chewing food becomes difficult and sometimes painful. The empty spaces cause your teeth to shift while unnecessarily aging your face. Replacing your teeth is vital to a healthy, beautiful smile, and implants are an ideal solution. If you take care of them, they will last all your life.
Implants are made to look natural, so you can eat comfortably and be proud of your smile. The base of the implant is made of titanium, providing a strong root for your missing tooth. The metal is topped with a porcelain crown matching the color of your tooth. With the help of our expert Bakersfield team, no one will detect that your tooth is actually an implant.
While implants are excellent for replacing teeth, they also function well for rooting dentures into place. Many patients experience shifting in the lower dentures, as eating and talking can cause them to move around. For those with partial dentures, adding implants to your mouth can create a beautiful, more confident smile.

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Dr. Joseph Marvizi
is a Bakersfield dentist with over twenty years of experience supplying patients with complete dental care, including dental implants, teeth whitening, Invisalign and veneers.