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Bakersfield Teeth Extractions Treatment

Dental ExtractionsSometimes removing a patient’s tooth is vital to his health. There are many reasons a tooth would need removal. If a primary tooth has extended roots, sometimes it doesn’t fall out normally. Removing the baby tooth lets the permanent tooth grow without being hindered. If a severely decayed tooth is potentially threatening, extracting it can prevent the spreading of the decay to your jaw and adjacent teeth. In this case, an implant or a bridge can be set in place of the extracted tooth. Wisdom teeth that cause patients pain or problems may also need to be removed.


If your dentist confirms that a tooth requires extraction, the procedure could happen on the day or your visit, or you can schedule another time to have your tooth removed. Beneath your gums, your teeth have roots that attach to a “tooth socket”. In your jawbone, a ligament keeps your tooth firmly rooted in its socket. To remove your tooth, your dentist will first enlarge the tooth socket. Once the socket is expanded, your dentist can sever the ligament from the tooth it secures. Removing a tooth is normally a swift procedure. Discuss your options for sedation with your dentist.


When a tooth is extracted, the hole left by the extracted tooth may tempt nearby teeth to shift. This shifting can affect the way you chew food and the function of your jaw joint. Your dentist might suggest a replacement tooth to fill the gap, relieving your concerns of shifting.

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