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Bakersfield Pediatric Dental Emergencies

Pediatric Dental EmergencyIf a dental emergency arises in your family, don’t hesitate to call us right away. We have an emergency phone number for pressing dental issues that occur outside of our normal office hours. When your child’s oral health is compromised, we are here, no matter what time of day. Please keep our phone number somewhere safe in case of an emergency.

Bitten Tongue or Lip
For lip or tongue bites deep enough to bleed, carefully clean the area with water. Wet a towel with cold water, and securely hold this against the bitten area. This impromptu cold compress should help lessen the swelling. Please call us, and we’ll help you establish the severity of the bite.

Object Lodged In Teeth
When there’s an object stuck in your child’s teeth, don’t panic. Try to tenderly extract the object with dental floss. Do not use abrasive items – metal or sharp tools – to attempt to take out the item. If dental floss doesn’t do the trick, call our emergency line.

Tooth Chip, Break, or Split
To properly deal with a chipped tooth, have your child rinse with warm water. A homemade cold compress – cold water and a washcloth – should alleviate the swelling. If a piece of the tooth can be found, save that chipped piece and contact our office right away.

Tooth Knocked Out
Rinse the tooth with water – do not use soap – and only hold the top of the tooth, the crown, with your fingers. Avoid touching the root. If possible, put the tooth very gently back into the empty socket, and use a cloth to keep it secure. If the tooth is unable to sit in the empty socket, put the tooth in milk. It is urgent to either call our emergency line or to visit the hospital. While baby teeth usually can’t be reattached, there may be time to save your child’s permanent tooth, but please move fast. If a baby tooth is knocked out, you should call us for an appointment. If any pieces of the tooth linger, we’ll need to extract them.

Loose Tooth
An extremely loose tooth can be dangerous, as it could possibly be inhaled or ingested. You should try to pull the tooth.

Toothaches can be painful for children and adults. If your child tells you he has a toothache, look at his teeth closely, as there might be a foreign object caught in them. Have him rinse with warm water. If there’s persistent pain, apply a cold washcloth on the area – heat and topical painkillers should be avoided for the health of your gums. You can give your child oral painkillers, adhering to the recommended dosage on the bottle. Call our office to set up a visit.

Broken Jaw
A broken jaw is a very serious injury. Try our emergency line or visit the hospital as soon as possible. In the meantime, help alleviate the swelling with a cold washcloth. Know that jaws often break after a hard blow to the head. In some extreme cases, head wounds can be fatal. Take action immediately.

Avoid Injury
Be proactive to side-step dental disasters. Children should never gnaw on hard foods such as popcorn kernels and ice. Take time to child proof your home, so that your child can navigate your home safely, and you can live without worry. When riding in cars, make sure infants and youngsters are secure in their car seats, and always ask if your older children have their seatbelts fastened before you start the car. For children active in sports, a protective mouth guard can keep their teeth safe. Lastly, make sure your child is practicing good oral health habits – flossing, brushing, and coming to the dentists twice a year.

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