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Dental Care for Your Baby

Dental Care For BabyLet us welcome your new baby to the world and send our good tidings to your family!We’re sure you have a lot on your mind. We can help you be ready for your sweet baby’s first tooth. With these instructions, your baby can enjoy a long life of outstanding dental health!

Gum Care
It’s never too early to care for your baby’s gums. Don’t worry if there’s no tooth – your baby can still thrive from early dental care. After feeding your baby (whether it’s breast- or bottle-fed), find a wet cloth or swatch of gauze and wrap your cleaning tool around your finger. Use the gauze or cloth to clean your baby’s gums. Rub the length of your baby’s gums lightly, removing any remaining milk. The ritual of cleaning your baby’s gums will lay the groundwork for a lifetime of oral health.

The First Tooth
Now that you’ve seen your baby’s first pearly white poking through, it’s time to invest in a baby toothbrush. You’ll generally find two versions of baby toothbrushes at your local drugstore. The first is a toothbrush with an extended handle, encouraging your baby to hold the brush with you. The second slips over your finger like a finger-puppet. The bristles should be soft, as your baby’s mouth may be sensitive.

You don’t need toothpaste yet – a little water will suffice. If your baby is reluctant to let you brush his teeth, revert back to the cloth for a while, but revisit the toothbrush after some time. As your child continues to erupt baby teeth, a toothbrush combined with a teether can be a lifesaver during this trying time.

Introducing Toothpaste
After your child erupts several more primary teeth, it’s time to introduce toothpaste into the regimen. If your child is not yet two, do not use fluoride toothpaste, as it can be harmful to small children. Only a miniscule amount of toothpaste should be used. Work with your child to develop good toothpaste habits, including rinsing well and spitting out all the toothpaste. When you child transitions to fluoride toothpaste, you want to trust your child not to swallow any of it.

Preventing Cavities
Keep sweetened drinks, sugary sodas, and flavored liquids away from your baby. The sugars that exist in breast milk, formula, and fruit juices can lead to tooth decay. Start early to instill a lifetime of oral health in your child. Clean his teeth frequently, and don’t put your baby to sleep with a bottle. The longer sugary drinks stay on your baby’s teeth, the more susceptible the teeth are to tooth decay.

Your Baby’s First Dentist Appointment
What better way to wish your child a happy first birthday than to bring him in for his first dentist appointment! Conveniently that’s the recommended age for your baby’s first visit. Even tiny primary teeth can harbor decay, and regular visits can deter decay from harming your baby’s precious smile. These regular visits will alert us to any oral problem early enough to reverse them. Pay close attention to your attitude about dental visits; your baby will be more at ease if you’re at ease.

Set the Oral Health Bar High
Children learn many behaviors by imitating their parents, and you can play this up in the oral health arena. Let your child be a part of your oral health routine. While he watches you floss your teeth and brush thoroughly, he’ll instinctively relate good oral habits with positive feelings. Once your child seems curious about your oral care, hand him a toothbrush and brush your teeth together. Children can handle chunky-handled toothbrushes easier than thin-handled brushes. Until your child is six or seven, he probably won’t be able to thoroughly brush his teeth by himself. Get your child interested in oral care by introducing flavored toothpastes, finding a cute toothbrush with your child’s most-loved character, or making up songs about brushing your teeth. By associating oral health with positivity and love, your child will carry these healthy habits with him for life.

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