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Apollonia Dental Center Blog

Don’t Overlook your Teenagers’ Oral Health

Posted by on Feb 12, 2015 in Dentistry Articles, Dentistry News | 0 comments

YOUR SMILE is one of the first things people notice about you. That’s why it’s so important to take care of it. Cavities aren’t just for little kids—you can get them at any age. When you consume sugary foods, soda, juice or energy drinks, you put yourself at risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Be smart. Always brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes and floss once a day (ADA recommended).   The bottom line for smiles that are healthy on the inside and out: - Always brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes - Floss...

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Help Children Get the Preventive Dental Care They Need

Posted by on Dec 2, 2014 in Dentistry Articles, Dentistry News | 0 comments

  Millions of Children Today aren’t receiving basic, recommended dental care designed to detect and prevent disease. In fact, various surveys conclude that over half of children and adolescents did not visit a dentist in the past year.   Preventative Care For Children Is Essential For Lifelong Health   Childhood caries are the #1 chronic infection in children– AND they’re preventable! Through regular cleanings, topical fluoride treatments to strengthen teeth and dental sealants to shield tooth surfaces, tooth...

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Don’t Let Your Insurance Benefits Go To Waste!

Posted by on Nov 20, 2014 in Dentistry Articles, Dentistry News | 0 comments

THE END OF THE YEAR IS approaching fast! Before year’s end, our team wants to remind you to take a look at your dental insurance benefits!   Insurance Benefits Typically Don’t Roll Over To Next Year   Each year your dental insurance company probably gives you a maximum amount of available benefits. Since those benefits don’t typically roll over into the following year, you’ll want to contact us now to get your appointment scheduled!   We all know how it is, once the holiday season is upon us —...

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9 Dental-Related Fun Facts

Posted by on Sep 3, 2014 in Dentistry News | 0 comments

INDEED… DENTISTRY IS SERIOUS business. But that doesn’t mean we have to take ourselves TOO seriously all the time, right?   9 Dental-Related Fun Facts 1. A typical elephant’s molar weighs nearly nine pounds. 2. In 1994, a West Virginia prison inmate braided dental floss into a rope to escape! 3. The first toothbrush with animal hair bristles was made in China in 1498. 4. A snail’s mouth is no larger than the head of a pin, but can have 25,000 teeth inside! 5. Some of the world’s most choked on objects are toothpicks! Be cautious when...

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Six Important Toothbrush Care Tips

Posted by on Jul 30, 2014 in Dentistry News | 1 comment

OUR TOOTHBRUSHES fend off plaque and bacteria, help keep our teeth sparkling, and leave our mouths feeling squeaky clean! But how squeaky clean is your TOOTHBRUSH? Toothbrush DON’Ts Don’t Store Your Toothbrush In A Closed, Dark Space A moist, enclosed environment (like a container or cupboard) is not a good place to keep your toothbrush. Bacteria thrive in dark, wet conditions without circulation. Don’t Share Your Toothbrush (Gross) When you share your toothbrush you share bacteria, including bacteria that can cause dental decay and...

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Men 33% Less Likely Than Women To Seek Preventive Dental Care: Whats Up, Dude?

Posted by on Jul 29, 2014 in Dentistry News | 0 comments

YES, YOU’RE PRETTY TOUGH… You kill it at work, you’re a remarkable significant other, you’re training for your next triathlon, and you volunteer at the soup kitchen on weekends. But guess what? You’re no match for gum disease, tooth decay, or oral cancer without a little assistance.   Men’s Oral Health Risks Are Higher Medications Do you take medication for a heart condition, or to regulate blood pressure? Because this is more common in men than women, men are more likely to suffer dry-mouth side effects—and dry mouth increases gum...

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Do You Ever Wonder If You Suffer From Sleep Apnea?

Posted by on Jun 9, 2014 in Dentistry News | Comments Off

Do you struggle with these sleep apnea symptoms? Are you getting the sleep you need? Many people believe they are getting a good nights rest, but in reality you may be suffering from a sleeping disorder that may lead to a lowered quality of life. Do you ever: • Wake up with a sore or dry throat • Wake suddenly in the night • Wake with a choking or gasping sensation • Snore loudly • Daytime Drowsiness   Sleep apnea is the partial or complete collapse of the airway during sleep. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a common sleep disorder that...

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Oral Care Tips to Help Seniors Enjoy Strong Teeth and Healthier Lives

Posted by on Jan 6, 2013 in Dentistry Articles | 0 comments

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA – You may expect to lose teeth as you age, but you don’t have to. With good oral hygiene and regular trips to the dentist, you can keep your teeth healthy and functioning normally. Dentists in Bakersfield help adults older than age 60 understand how our oral care needs may shift as we age.. Dr. Marvizi, who is also a Bakersfield Invisalign dentist, helps patients of all ages realize good oral care will improve their lives. Our Bakersfield dental team brainstormed some tips for seniors and their caretakers to improve...

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New York Dental School, Foster Care Agency Partner to Improve Kids’ Oral Care

Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Dentistry News | 0 comments

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA - The New York University College of Dentistry partnered with local foster care agency Graham Windham to bring routine dental care to more than 650 foster children. Authors presented the abstract “An Approach to Dental Healthcare in an Inner-City Foster Care Population: The Partners Against Caries Program” at the American Academy of Pediatrics conference on Oct. 21. Dr. Joseph Marvizi, a Bakersfield cosmetic dentistry provider, understands that routine oral care is crucial to exemplary overall health. Dental...

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How Invisalign Works: An Overview of the Magic of Invisalign

Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Dentistry Articles | Comments Off

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA - Our patients want the best smiles possible, and we want to deliver them. There are many aspects of cosmetic dentistry we provide, but many of our patients want to know if their smiles can be straighter. You may have gapped teeth that prevent you from smiling your fullest. You may have crowded teeth that are embarrassing and hard to clean. One treatment gives you straighter teeth almost invisibly: Invisalign. Bakersfield dentist Dr. Joseph Marvizi has helped many patients achieve their dream smiles. Now let’s...

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